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Here in projectKids, our volunteer philosophy is simple: EVERY PARENT. ONCE-A-MONTH. Our projectKids volunteers play a vital role in ensuring a fun, safe and secure environment for kids by serving once a month in projectKids Children’s Ministry. Our hope and desire is that parents of kids in projectKids Children's Ministry will serve monthly alongside our other dedicated volunteers. We are always looking to add more volunteers to our team to make projectKids an incredible environment where kids learn biblical truths with caring, loving adult volunteers. Answer the call and take part in the Gospel journey with our kids. The need is great and the reward is priceless. 



Love Jesus & love kids?

All volunteers are background checked.

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Our staff loves Jesus & loves kids!

Meet our Staff & Team Leads!

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There's plenty to do here in ProjectKids! Below, you'll find a list of roles you can play to help make a difference:


Classroom Volunteer (pk jr.)

Lead the kids through the weekly Bible story and related activities. They will report to their designated monthly team leader.

Classroom GUIDE

Lead kids through activity rotations and related activities by assisting specialists.

Student Classroom Volunteer (Ages 13-17)

Assist the classroom volunteer in leading the kids through the weekly Bible story and related activities.

SPecialist volunteer

Rotation specialists lead group activities for Bible Navigation, Scripture Memory/Prayer and Arts & Crafts


Check-In Volunteer, Full Service & Beginning Only

Serve at the front desk during service. This role includes greeting families, inputting new children into our computer system, being the gatekeeper during service by monitoring adults who enter/leave the ministry and promoting resources.


Large Group Teacher

Teach the weekly Bible story using age appropriate Gospel centered truth and creative elements.


Music Team Leader

Enthusiastically create and teach choreography to student music team volunteers. They will lead worship during large group from off the stage


Music Team Volunteer

Follow music team leader’s instruction as they lead the kids in worship from the stage.


Media Technician 

Serve by assisting large group teacher and music team. They will set up sound, cue songs / slides and manage any technical issues.


Team Leader

Organize and oversee monthly serve teams. They will work with the volunteer and curriculum coordinator to manage volunteers. They will oversee classrooms, help relieve volunteers during bathroom breaks, page parents during service, locate extra supplies and more.


Curriculum Coordinator 

Organize and prepare materials used in weekly lessons.  They will work with the staff to plan and write the curriculum.


Weekly Preparation Helper

Assist with craft prep, data entry and miscellaneous jobs during the week.


Volunteer Coordinator

Work directly with staff members to assimilate new volunteers. They will work with volunteers and team leaders to manage scheduling.