In projectKids, we want to help plant God's Word into kids' hearts. That's why we focus on a new memory verse every single month with two-year-olds all the way up to 4th grade. 

Work together with your child to practice this month's memory verse at home! Check back here every month or grab a free memory verse magnet from one of our check-in desks.


One of the best ways to teach bible verses to young children is through song and movement.

This month, we are singing the verse along with this song by Seeds Family Worship:


We also have hand motions to aid in verse memorization! As you recite the verse with your child, use the following movements to guide them through the words:


For God (point upward)

so loved the world (cross hands over heart)

He gave His one and only son (hold up one finger)

that whoever believes in Him (sign for Jesus)

shall not perish, but have eternal life.