April 3 // Part of the story.

Read Matthew 28:4 out loud with your family.


Ask the following question and discuss the answer together as a family.


Q: How would you react to meeting an angel?


Parent Note: Angels are commonly described as shining like lightning, which isn’t something we see every day. It’s no wonder that in nearly every story of angels meeting humans, the angels have to calm the people and tell them not to be afraid. Their presence was so shocking, it caused the Roman soldiers—a group of men known for being very tough—to fall over like dead men! Judging from the accounts of encounters with angels, the experience likely would be a combination of amazing and terrifying! 



Read the following prayer out loud. Have your kids repeat after you:


Dear Lord, thank You for the miracle of Easter.
You put the right people in the right places at the right time to help share Your story.
Help me to be a part of sharing the story of Jesus, too.
We ask these things in Jesus' name, Amen.