May 12 // Be confident in God.

Read Judges 6:17 out loud with your family.


Ask the following question and discuss the answer together as a family. 


Q: If God asked you to do something terrifying, what kind of convincing and reassuring would you need? 

Parent Note: Gideon asked God if He was sure He was asking the right guy, and even after God told him that He would be with him and give him strength, Gideon asked for a sign—and then two more signs, just to be absolutely sure. It finally clicks that if God has the power to accomplish all of the signs that he asked for, He surely is capable of holding up His end of the bargain: being with him, providing him with strength, and giving the enemy into his hand.  


Pray this out loud together: 

Dear Lord, even though we are weak, we know You are strong.
Thank You for being our strength.
Help us to find courage to answer Your call like Gideon did.
We ask these things in Jesus' name, Amen.