November 22 // Focus on God.

Read Ephesians 6:15 out loud with your family.

Ask the following question and discuss the answer together as a family.

Q: What kind of problems might you have while trying to hike a steep, rocky mountain wearing flip flops?  

Parent Note: The goal of this question is to show your child that if they tried to hike wearing flip flops, they would be focusing on the ground and how to maneuver without stubbing toes or cutting their exposed feet on rocks. They would be focused on the path and not what is around them. When clad in the shoes of the Gospel, we don't have to worry about any obstacle; we can stand firm in the truth and focus on the battle. 


Read the following prayer out loud. Have your kids repeat after you:

Dear God, thank You for being my Helper.
I know that You are bigger and stronger than my wildest dreams.
Help me to depend on You, even when things seems impossible.
In Jesus’s name we pray, Amen.