January 16 // Don't be fooled.

Read Genesis 3:4-5 out loud with your family.


Ask the following question and discuss the answer together as a family.


Q: How did the serpent trick Eve?


Parent Note: Nothing he actually said was a lie, but it is what he left out that made his information a lie. When Eve ate the fruit, she did not instantly drop dead; however, because of her disobedience to God, she would no longer be allowed to live forever. Eating the fruit did make her aware of good and evil, which is a kind of knowledge that God possesses; however, eating the fruit made her less like God in that she had just committed a sin. Telling the truth, but omitting certain parts with the intention of deceiving someone is called a half-truth. It is a way people lie and deceive each other. Satan purposefully omitted certain consequences that eating the forbidden fruit would cause. 



Read the following prayer out loud. Have your kids repeat after you:


Dear Lord, thank You for being trustworthy.
I know that Your Word is the Truth.
Help me to trustthat what You say is good for my life.
We ask these things in Jesus’ name, Amen.