December 19 // We're invited to God's plan.

Read Luke 1:38 out loud with your family.


Ask the following question and discuss the answer together as a family.


Q: What do you think would have happened if Mary said no thanks to God’s plan? 


Parent Note: Mary could have focused on the problems this plan would present in her life and decided that it was too much for her to handle. God gave us free will so we can make the decision whether or not to follow God and His plan; He doesn’t force His will on us. When we don’t follow God, we’re the only ones who miss out; God’s plan will be carried out whether we participate in it or not. 



Read the following prayer out loud. Have your kids repeat after you:


Dear God, thank You for Your plan for me.
I know that You don’t need me, but You have chosen to use me.
Help me to be like Mary and see myself as Your servant.
We ask these things in Jesus' name, Amen.