November 1 // Jesus is light.

Read John 8:21 out loud with your family.


Ask the following question and discuss the answer together as a family.


Q: How did the first people who sailed across the oceans find their way without maps?  


Parent Note: They used the position of the sun and stars to guide them. The wise men used the star that appeared after Jesus’ birth to find Him and worship Him. While we may not have anything quite as obvious to follow on our journey through life as we make our way on the path God has set for our lives, we do have a guide. His directions are not as obvious as those of a GPS telling us when to turn right or left, but directions have been and will be given every step of the way. Jesus illuminates the path of righteousness that leads to Heaven and eternal life. 



Read the following prayer out loud. Have your kids repeat after you:


Dear God, thank You for sending Jesus to be my light.
I know that with Jesus leading the way, everything will be alright.
Help me to stay on the path that You have set before me.
We ask this in Jesus’s name, Amen.