Child Dedication is a special service of prayer & commitment between parents & children, before God and their church.  By dedicating a child, a parent vows to follow God's plan in Scripture for raising children, and to lead their child to love and follow Jesus.

We will make promises and pray publicly over the child and family during the main auditorium gathering. A more in depth ceremony will take place in the lounge following the main gathering and will focus more individually and intentionally on each child and family. The lounge is where you will receive your child's dedication certificate, a gift from Church Project, read a letter to your child, and have photo opportunities.

In an effort to make this ceremony a meaningful experience for families, we have provided tools to prepare parents for the event. After registering their child, parents will complete a series of short, simple assignments that create an opportunity to reflect & pray for this special day.

Watch the following videos to complete the form: